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Our Story...

"Chris, I miss being out on the farm and building and creating....

Entrepreneurial spirit has always been the bedrock in our family. Jeff grew up on a farm with a large family building their life, amongst farming. He was a football star and I was a cheerleader. I remember the day we endeavoured to check out the prospect of buying and creating our dream. I wanted to create a place where local people could come together, grow and create beauty. We have worked so very hard on our vision, having so many brides and grooms to be believing in us. When they walk in and see what we have created, seeing their eyes light up makes everything worthwhile!

10 things to know about us:

1. We have a set of twins

2. Jeff is a member of a family with 10 siblings and 6 sisters!

3. We met when I was 13 and Jeff was 16! We were married at 17 and 20. Its been 40 years!

4. My first business was Scribblers and Such - I opened it with a close friend and it stands to this day!

5. I ran Pizza Hut in Leduc, AB.

6. In 1998, I took over Panago in Leduc, growing our franchises to 8 at one point all over Alberta.

7. We opened a 6000 sq/ft full service restaraunt and bar in Peoria Arizona! THAT WAS FUN!!!

8. My vices are coffee and wine.

9. Jeff's vices are WORK and WORK.

10. We have two dogs, Jeter and Riley

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